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    Dorothy Day Peace and Justice Scholarship Nomination Form

    The Dorothy Day Peace and Justice Scholarship was established in 1984 to honor Dorothy Day, founder of the Catholic Worker movement. Through her life of scholarship and solidarity with the poor, she worked for justice and peace through her resistance to war and unjust labor practices. This scholarship will be awarded to a student who, by choice of activities and studies, has demonstrated commitment to the ideals of Dorothy Day. Full time junior students with a G.P.A. of 2.5 or above are eligible for the scholarship of around $900.

    Procedure for Nomination
    If you believe that you or someone you know fulfills this criteria, please nominate yourself or that person by submitting the form below. Click here for a listing of eligible candidates. In the event of two or more equally qualified finalists, financial need will be a deciding factor.    

    Nomination Form

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