Academic Affairs: My Clarke Resources

The academic affairs office is responsible for academic programs, library, faculty and academic support services. The office assigns academic advisers, monitors academic progress and standing, and is available to answer questions or address concerns about academic programs.

For Current Students

Student Travel Fund

For Faculty & Staff

Academic Division Chairs

Academic Department Chairs

General Education

Online and Printable Forms

  • Academic Integrity Policy
  • Academic Integrity Report Form
  • Contract Request Form
  • Departmental Syllabus Template
  • Fall Class Schedule Templates
  • General Education Syllabus Template
  • New Course Approval Form for Graduate Programs
  • New Course Approval Form for Undergraduate Programs
  • Office Hours / Class Schedule
  • Pre-approval Process for New Courses or Programs
  • Program Approval Form For Undergraduate Programs
  • Sabbatical Request Form

Writing a Syllabus

  • Summer School 2015
  • Golf Classic 2015
  • Commencement 2015