General Education


General Education

The Clarke University Wahlert Atrium

A Clarke education is like the Atrium. Learning begins in the Cornerstone with a strong foundation that provides the granite or the solid base that undergirds the divisional courses or pillars. While the liberal arts divisions provide four distinct views and discipline-related content, like the atrium pillars they are bound together by common general education outcomes and by specially designed components offering breadth of knowledge and experience. The Capstone completes the general education component of a Clarke education by enabling the student to see more clearly and with greater breadth the windows of opportunity that the community of learners gains from the liberal arts curriculum. Departmental majors provide students with the means to select a window of opportunity that will enable students to focus their academic goals and catch a glimpse of their selected professions.

A Clarke University education is an education that will last – one that will stand the test of time.

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