Drama Mission and Outcomes


The drama department offers a major in drama leading to a bachelor of arts degree, with concentrations in design/technical theatre, dramatic literature/history and performance. The department is dedicated to providing the highest-quality artistic training for its undergraduate students through its intensive studio classroom program, its course offerings and its main-stage productions. Because theater production is an extension of classroom teaching, drama majors are required to work in some capacity on every production. The department presents four plays a year and varies the productions to ensure that students deal with a variety of styles and genres. Guest artists provide additional experience in specialized areas.


The drama department student will:

  1. Develop analytical and critical-thinking skills.

  2. Develop communication and creative problem-solving skills, and physical and affective skills.

  3. Challenge himself or herself to push artistic boundaries and take creative risks in an atmosphere of openness and receptivity.

  4. Develop artistic literacy and aesthetic sensitivities through intensive classroom and production experience.

  5. Demonstrate an understanding of the interrelationships of the arts, artistic expressions, and cultural trends and heritages.

  6. Communicate an understanding of his or her creative potential as person and young artist.


  • Support Clarke - Spring
  • Arts at Clarke 2016
  • Transfer Fall 2015