Music Mission and Outcomes


In accordance with Clarke University’s mission, the music department is committed to creating an environment that facilitates musical growth of students and the community by providing instruction and experiences that promote the appreciation and performance of music, while encouraging global awareness, social responsibility and spiritual values.


  1. The music department provides a solid curriculum and background for those seeking a career in music professions, emphasizing personal, musical and intellectual growth of students through training in practical, theoretical and aesthetic aspects of music.
  2. The implementation of the university’s general education core is supported by the music
    department which:
    • Provides a rich musical environment for students and the community that will enable them to appreciate today’s global society, including aspects of Catholic and BVM heritage.
    • Helps students understand the physical world and the diverse cultural and social systems of the past and present, through perceiving the interconnectedness of knowledge.
    • Serves as a link between the university and the community (regional, national and international) to encourage professional relationships and to promote social responsibility.


The music student will be able to:

  1. Perform, analyze and compose music of various styles and cultures at a high level of technical and artistic skill.
  2. Synthesize information from various musical eras and cultures to create expressive and stylistically-informed musical performances; and to conduct research and integrate ideas in a musically literate style.
  3. Implement technology in support of teaching, creating, recording and performing music.

    In addition, the music education student will demonstrate knowledge of and proficiency in the methodology of music education by:
    • Performing proficiently on secondary instruments.
    • Evaluating and applying current and historic music education methodologies.
    • Creating lesson plans, curricula, and projects demonstrating an ability to sequence musical concepts and an awareness of multicultural and diversity issues.
  • Support Clarke - Spring
  • Arts at Clarke 2016
  • Transfer Fall 2015