Clarke University Fine Art Talent Awards

Clarke University is pleased to offer Fine Art Talent Awards for excellence in performance to students who major in art, drama or music. Award amounts are determined after an audition and/or portfolio review.

Candidates must also apply to and be accepted for admission to Clarke, preferably prior to the audition. The deadline for competition for all Fine Art Talent Awards is April 15 of the year that the student will be enrolling at Clarke.

To qualify for a Fine Art Talent Award in drama, a student must prepare and present an audition with two contrasting monologues. Both monologues should last a total of five minutes.

To receive a Fine Art Talent Award for costume, lighting and scenic design, students must prepare a portfolio of their design work, including renderings, drawings, informal thumbnail sketches and swatches of material, if appropriate to their area of design. Students who have designed an aspect of production should include photographs of these productions in their portfolios.

Auditions may be scheduled with the Clarke University Admissions Office by calling toll-free 1-800-383-2345 or locally (563)588-6316. If a student is unable to visit Clarke and compete for a Fine Art Talent Award, the student may make other arrangements by contacting the Clarke Admissions Office.

Drama Audition FAQs

  1.  What do I need to prepare for the audition/review?

    • Technical Theatre: Bring some type of portfolio. This may range from informal pictures of the things that you have been working on in high school to preparatory drawings or sketches. We are very flexible about this portfolio.
    • Theatre Performance: Prepare two contrasting monologues of no more than four minutes total.
    • Musical Theatre: Prepare at least one monologue (no more than two minutes) and one song. Bring music for an accompanist to play (if one is available) or arrange to bring accompaniment on a CD. Arrangement for an accompanist from Clarke can be made if the music selection is communicated in advance.
  2.  What, if anything, do I need to submit prior to my audition?
    If you are auditioning for musical theatre, contact the drama department chair with details about your music, specifically if you need an accompanist or will be providing music on a CD.

  3.  What do I need to bring to my audition?
    Just music, if needed

  4. What should I wear for my audition?
    Attire may vary, but note that at the college level, students are trained to dress professionally for auditions.

  5. Where do I check in on the day of my audition?
    Admissions Office in the Atrium

  6. How long before my audition time should I check in at Admissions?
    10 minutes

  7.  Where can I warm up before my audition?
    Terence Donaghoe Hall or Jansen Music Hall

  8. Who will take me there?
    Someone from the drama department

  9. How many people attend the audition?
    Attendance may vary. Drama faculty and some music faculty (for musical theatre auditions) will attend auditions. All current drama majors are also invited to attend.

  10. How long is the audition?
    Allowing for the audition itself and some discussion to follow, most last around 30-45 minutes.

  11. How long after the audition will it take to get the results?
    About 1-2 weeks
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