Musical Theatre Program Requirements

The following program requirements are from the Clarke University 2012-2013 Academic Catalog and apply to students currently enrolled. The university reserves any right to change, without notice, any information posted on this Web page and in the catalog. For the most current information, please contact the Clarke University Registrar's Office at


For a Bachelor of Arts (BA) Degree in Musical Theatre, a student completes 46 hours including:

  • 25 hours in drama courses:
    • DRMA 108 Oral Interpretation
    • DRMA 110 Production Techniques  
    • DRMA 111 Stagecrafts  
    • DRMA 114 Dance   
    • DRMA 123 Great Plays Analysis
    • DRMA 203 Acting I
    • DRMA 209 Voice/Diction
    • DRMA 480 Audition Techniques  
    • DRMA 499 Capstone
  • 21 hours in music courses
    • MUSC 105 Chorus
    • MUSC 113 Keyboard Skills
    • MUSC 131-331 Applied Voice
    • MUSC 227 Theatre Music
    • MUSC 271 History and Literature of Music II
    • MUSC 161 Music Theory I
    • MUSC 162 Sight Singing/Ear Training

The following general education courses are recommended for a musical theatre major.

  • HIST 101 Western Civilization I
  • HIST 102 Western Civilization II
  • ARHS 133 Art of the Western World I
  • ARHS 134 Art of the Western World II
  • DRMA 243 and/or DRMA 344 Shakespeare
  • DRMA 296 Philosophy of Art

The following Drama and Music courses are recommended for the musical theatre major.

  • DRMA 170  Theatre Practicum
  • DRMA 213  Stage Movement
  • DRMA 304  Acting II
  • DRMA 310  Directing
  • DRMA 319, 320 History of Theatre
  • DRMA 321  Modern Drama
  • DRMA 323  Contemporary Drama
  • MUSC 105  Chorus (additional semesters)
  • MUSC 113  Keyboard Skills
  • MUSC 261  Theory II
  • MUSC 262  Sight Singing/Ear Training
  • MUSC 367  Orchestration and Arranging

Additional recommended course for music theatre major:

  • ENGL 210 Creative Writing


Ordinarily, a student may apply for a major in drama/speech upon completion of DRMA 108 Oral Interpretation, DRMA 110 Production Techniques and one additional drama/speech course. In addition, the student must demonstrate satisfactory performance on production crews.

A student may apply for the major in musical theatre using the above stipulations as well as completion of MUSC 105 MUSC 113, and MUSC 131.


In extraordinary circumstances, credit for learning experiences may be accepted for professional activities that would parallel drama/speech course work and indicate mastery of the knowledge/skills in a particular course of study. Credit varies. Contact the department chair within the first two weeks of a semester for application. Decision to award credit will be made within four weeks after formal application and submission of portfolio and audition/interview.


The computer requirement for drama majors is fulfilled by successful completion of general education technology proficiency.


The research requirement for drama majors/music theatre majors will be fulfilled by course requirements in DRMA 319-320 History of Theatre or MUSC271 History of Music II.


The senior performance requirement for drama majors is a one-hour seminar scheduled the first or second semester of senior year. The course objective is the synthesis of the student’s academic and production knowledge. Self evaluation and the setting of the student’s personal and professional goals are major components of the seminar. Consistent performance and crew work on major theater productions during the four-year period are also considered part of the senior performance requirement.

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