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Residence FAQs: Roomates

How are roommates matched?
Roommates are selected based upon interactions of students with admissions counselors, a questionnaire on the housing contract, building preference and with input from the athletics office when applicable.

Can I choose my roommate?
You can absolutely choose your roommate!  Some freshmen have a friend from home with whom they request to live.  Other students meet someone during VIEW weekend or CORE and they mutually request to live together.  In order to live with someone, both students must express intent in having each other as a roommate.   If you don’t know your roommate before you come, no worries!  Some of the best college experiences have been between two people who never met before they arrived for move-in weekend! 

How can I make it work with my roommate?
Establish realistic boundaries and openly communicate with your roommate what your mutual boundaries are.  This is the first time for most students to have to live with someone who hasn’t grown up with your family’s expectations for how to share space respectfully.  You and your roommate will both be new at this, which makes it even more important to talk about any concerns you have before small issues become serious. 

What if I don’t like my roommate?
What if your roommate doesn’t like you?  Obviously there are times when you will need to deal with people in your life who are not your favorite, while treating them courteously and with respect.  You are the only person who can decide if you and your roommate have irreconcilable differences or if you can live with them, while not being best of friends.  There are options for students, including moving into another room with someone who is roommate-less or doing a body for body switch (all roommates must agree).  Because we believe so strongly that living with a roommate is a beneficial growing and learning experience, freshmen are required to have one. 

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