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Los Angeles Event November 15, 2008

Los Angeles 08_4188

Brunch at Langham-Huntington Hotel and Terrace Restaurant with Clarke Alumni

Los Angeles Event 08, 3

Brunch with Clarke Alumni

Los Angeles 08_4191

Art and Pat Price Cook ’60, and Mary Heimann Schmidt ‘42

Los Angeles 08_4192

Chuck and Bernadette Fee ’97, Katherine Au-Young Lam ’57, and Sr. Catherine Dunn, President Emerita

Los Angeles 08_4193

Erin Martin ’74, Celeste Pechous ’94, Susan Gilligan ‘72

Los Angeles 08_4194

Alice Kies Stylianou ’38, Ruth Brouillet Badger ’40, and  Mark Jones, Vice President of Institutional Advancement

Los Angeles 08_4195

Carol Skemp Hart ’64, and Mary Jean Stopper ‘77

Los Angeles 08_4196

Mary Jean Ferry BVM and Karen Brown Young ‘73

Los Angeles 08_4198

Erin telling stories about Mary Frances Hall.

Los Angeles 08_4200

Pasadena Alumni chatting up a storm.

Los Angeles Event 08, 6

Pat Price Cook ’60, Catherine Dunn, President Emerita and Mary Heimann Schmidt ‘42

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