Music Department Recordings

Select from the links below to listen to recent music department recordings.

    Track One 
    Lex Animus Game Intro and Main Theme
    Tom Resnick, Electronic Composition

    Track Two
    Georg Frederic Handel: And The glory of the Lord (from The Messiah)
    Track Three 
    Zane Merritt ('07)

    Track Four 
    Johannes Brahms: O schöne Nacht

    Track Five
    Playfully Relentless
    David Resnick

    Track Six 
    David Resnick: Urban Legend
    Clarke University Saxophone Quartet
    Track Seven 
    Robert Schumann: Dichterliebe, Op. 48, No. 7 " Ich grolle nicht"

    Track Eight 
    Robert Schumann: Dichterliebe, Op. 48, No. 11 "Ein Jungling liebt ein Madchen"
    Matthew Beaves ('07), Tenor
    Jill Klinebriel, Pianist

    Track Nine 
    Zane Merritt ('07): Fear and Loathing in New Milford
    Zane Merritt ('07), Guitar

    Track Ten 
    Johannes Brahms: Die Schwestern

    Track Eleven:  
    Amy Dunker: Lux Aeterna

    Track Twelve:
    Jason Bahr: When We Are Going
    Clarke Cantabile Singers 

    Track Thirteen:
    Amy Dunker: Nocturne II
    Clarke University New Music Ensemble

    Track Fourteen:
    Vicenzo Bellini: Ah, non credea mirarti...ah, non giunge (from La Sonnambula)
    Callie Mescher ('07), Soprano
    Jill Klinebriel, Pianist

    Track Fifteen
    David Resnick, arr.: Clarinet Collage
    Clarke Clarinet Quartet

    Track Sixteen
    Zane Merrit ('07) and Ben Drury ('10): Free Meditation (Improvisation)
    Ben Drury, Voice
    Zane Merritt, Guitar

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