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Email Spam Quarantine

As part of our recently implemented Microsoft spam filter, you are now able to manage your own spam email quarantine.  The quarantine keeps your spam for 15 days in a quarantine mailbox that you can log into and manage yourself.  This feature will allow you to report spam emails, block spam emails and also allows you to identify any emails that are being incorrectly identified as spam. 


  • Go to
  • Your username is your e-mail address.
  • To get your password you will need to click on Need your password?
  • Enter your Clarke e-mail address to have instructions for setting your password sent to you. You will receive an e-mail that will contain a URL that will take you to a page where you can specify your password.


You may make changes to display settings, language settings for notifications and whether to receive notifications by clicking Options located above the top menu bar. Select the option you want to update and then click on Save to keep the changes. To exit the Options page, click on the Junk E-Mail folder.


Once you have logged into your quarantine mailbox, you will have two categories listed on the left side of the page – Junk E-Mail and Policy Quarantined E-Mail.

  • Choose Junk E-Mail. This will open up a list of all of the emails that have been caught by the spam filter. If the e-mail has an icon in the far left column, it has been quarantined due to specific parameters set up by our Clarke System Administrator.
  • You may choose to delete a message, or you may have the message delivered to your Clarke e-mail Inbox by selecting the check box next to the message in the list. To complete the deletion or move, click on the Delete or Move to Inbox button from the top menu bar.
  • If a message is not spam, click on the Not Junk button from the top menu bar while viewing the message. This will send the message to your Clarke e-mail Inbox and notify the Spam Team that the message was incorrectly marked as spam.
  • If the Not Junk button is not available it means that the message was filtered according to restrictions put in place by our Clarke administrator and it cannot be reported as not spam.  An explanation will appear in the upper right-hand corner when you view the message.


You will receive periodic reminders from the Quarantine service when you have received new spam. Junk E-Mail notification messages provide links to the Quarantine application where you can manage your stored messages. If you would like to have a message delivered to your Clarke Inbox without logging into the Quarantine application, click on the Move to Inbox link from the notification. If the message is not spam, click on the Not Junk link. Again, if the Not Junk link is not available, it means that the message was filtered according to restrictions put in place by our Clarke administrator.

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