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Meet Alicia.

What is your territory?
I work with students from Illinois (other than zip codes starting in 600-608, 610-611), Wisconsin (other than zip code starting 538) and Minnesota. If you are a student from any state other than Iowa, Indiana, Michigan Or Missouri, then I will be your counselor too! And last but not least, I work with all international students and students from Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

My Hobbies:
I love spending time with my husband and son Chandler. I have a shoe fetish, so shopping is one of my favorite hobbies (I own more than 150 pairs of shoes - I’m terrible I know!). I love dancing, as long as there's good beat (my favorite is Latin) and I also like to travel, see and experience new places. If there is a beach around -- even better!

What to expect at Clarke:
Come prepared to step into a warm and friendly campus!  Due to our size and the layout of our campus it is very easy for everyone to know each other. Students refer to faculty and staff on a first name basis since we are a close-knit community. At Clarke you will find that everyone has developed special relationships with one another throughout our entire campus, where we all share the same goals... success!

Favorite part of Dubuque:
Being born and raised in Dubuque, I love how safe and friendly the community is.  Everyone greets everyone - even if they've never met before. During the spring and fall seasons, expect numerous festivals and events in the Dubuque area - there is never a dull moment. My absolute favorite spot in Dubuque is the river walk, hands down! It has a special meaning to me since that is where my husband proposed and where we had our wedding reception (Grand River Center). It's a nice place to take a peaceful stroll on a nice, sunny day or just sit on a bench and take in the beautiful scenery.

What you might find at my desk:
In my cube you will find many pictures of my family and friends. Since I work with international students I also collect flags from every country that I have recruited a student from. My favorite item is a little plate that Julie Cirks bought me for my birthday that says “The little voice in your head that says, buy the shoes – that’s the one to listen to.”  I am thinking this will be my new motto.

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