Computer Center


Student Print Monitoring

Clarke’s Green Printing Initiative                               

To save trees and build campus awareness, students are now able to monitor printing and reduce paper and toner consumption. 

  •   Each Semester students get 500 free pages.
  •  When printing you will be asked to confirm through the pop up message:


  • The $ icon displays remaining quota in the system tray near the bottom right-hand corner of the screen:

$ copy.jpg


  •  Duplicate jobs will be deleted automatically.
  •  Duplex pages count as 1 page from your quota.
  •  Be sure to logout of the computer when you’re done to ensure that no other printing is charged against your account. 
  •   Students are encouraged to monitor their printing habits and account balances. This practice helps to insure good stewardship of print resources and our environment. 

Print Monitoring Policy

  1. Contact Student Accounts in the Haas Administration during regular business hours to purchase more paper. It may take up to 24 business hours for the additional pages to appear in your account, so be sure to keep track of your pages. The cost is $5.00 for a 100-page addition.
  2. IMPORTANT! Your job will not print if your remaining print quota is fewer pages than your print job. Keep a close eye on your remaining quota.
  3. Students may not transfer any portion of their print account to another student's print account.
  4. Contact Help Desk if the printer has problems at Extension: (563)588-6390 or e-mail us at: 
  5.  Alumni can make arrangements with the Library staff for printing as needed. Alumni will be charged $.05/page, payable at the circulation desk.
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