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Poolside Brunch October 10, 2009

Numerous alumni and friends of Clarke gathered for a lovely, home-cooked brunch at the home of Katherine Au-Young Lam ’57 and Paul Lam for a poolside brunch in Orange, California.  Clarke University President, Sr. Joanne Burrows gave a presidential update on Clarke University and the upcoming fundraising opportunities for a new science center, track and field, and beautification of the College. 

Poolside Event 9

Poolside Event

Katherine Au-Young Lam ’57 and her daughter, Diane complete some preparation in the kitchen. 

Poolside Event 2

(left to right) Kathleen Mulvehill, daughter of Sheila Mulvehill  ’53, Clarke University President Sister Joanne Burrows, Michael Dalsing ’08 and his aunt Lisa Dalsing and Mary Schmidt Heimann ’42.

Poolside Event 3

(left to right) Michael Dalsing ’08 and his aunt Lisa Dalsing, Mary Schmidt Heimann ’42, Katherine Au-Young Lam ’57, Bernadette Fee ’97, Pat Cook Price ’60 and Colleen Vosberg, daughter of Michelle Vosberg, assistant professor of education at Clarke. 

Poolside Event 4

Alice Kies Stylianou ’38, Ruth Brouillet Badger ’40 and Katherine Lam’s beautifully designed table arrangements. 

Poolside Event 5

Katherine and the beautiful brunch spread including, ham, quiche, scones, fruit and her famous secret recipe for Asian chicken salad. 

Poolside Event 6

Chuck and Bernadette Fee ’97 and Art Cook catch up since their meeting in November of 2008. 

Poolside Event 7

Pat Cook ’60 and Colleen Vosberg chat over beverages.

Poolside Event 8

Poolside Event 10

(left to right) Lisa Dalsing, Michael Dalsing ’08, Colleen Vosberg, Pat Price Cook ’60 and Art Cook.

Poolside Event 11

Kathleen Mulvehill and Paul Lam.

Poolside Event 12

Bernadette Fee and Diane Lam.

Poolside Event 13

Paul and Katherine Lam, and Mark Jones, vice president for institutional advancement.

Poolside Event 14

Ruth Brouillet Badger ’40, Alice Kies Stylianou ’38, Katherine Au-Young Lam ’57, Clarke University President Sister Joanne Burrows and Mary (Mercedes) Schmidt Heimann ’42 enjoy conversation about Clarke.

Poolside Event 15

Poolside Event 16

Joanne and Mary Schmidt Heimann.

Poolside Event 17

Bernadette and Diane.

Poolside Event 18

It was a beautiful day for a poolside brunch!

Poolside Event 19

It’s someone’s birthday… Diane and Paul prepare.

Poolside Event 20

A birthday surprise for Katie Bahl, director of alumni relations.

Poolside Event 22

Our host Katherine Au-Young Lam ’57 reminisces on her time at Clarke and learning English from her BVM teachers. 

Poolside Event 23

Joanne gives an engaging update on Clarke University to our alumni.

Poolside Event 24

Poolside Event 27

Katherine, Joanne and Paul pose for a picture at the conclusion of the event.

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