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Davenport Alumni Event January 21, 2010

Numerous Clarke alumni braved icy conditions to attend the Davenport area alumni event at the Symposium Café.  Clarke President Sr. Joanne Burrows, former Executive Vice President Sr. Therese Mackin ’50, President Emerita Sr. Catherine Dunn, Board Trustee John Stavnes, Director of Alumni Relations Katie Bahl ’04 and Development Officer Kari Nickol also attended.


Davenport 1

President Sr. Joanne Burrows, former Executive Vice President Sr. Therese Mackin ’50, Kathy Pannkuk Lemke ’79 and Kathy Maloney Loomis ’74 enjoy some conversation with a vignette from the Raphael’s School of Athens painting in the background.

Davenport 2

Sr. Catherine and Debra Mettille Frick ’75 chat. 

Davenport 3

Davenport 4

Carmelita Gilroy Bush ’46, Carolyn Merrill ’84, Jeanne Sothmann VanHulle ’78 and Clarke Trustee John Stavnes discuss education.

Davenport 5

Holly Boche ’05, Sr. Joanne, Dorothy, Kathy, Kay Doty O’Brien ’62 and Sr. Therese ’50.

Davenport 6

Lisa Ewing ’03, Eileen Enzler O’Brien ’76, Deb, Allison Bedford Collins-Elfline ’99 and Robert Elfine.

Davenport 7

Sr. Joanne engages the crowd about Clarke’s current campus happenings and future plans for expansion and growth.

Davenport 9

Sr. Catherine and Sr. Joanne begin to finish each others’ sentences.

Davenport 10

Sr. Therese reminds alumni to encourage students they know to visit Clarke.

Davenport 11

Davenport 12

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