Honors Study Abroad in Glasgow

Glasgow ImageThe Glasgow Honors Study Abroad program is specifically designed for students in the honors program. Located at the University of Glasgow in Glasgow Scotland, this historical and academically competitive school offers students of all studies a great experience and notably for those in the sciences.

Most credits earned through this program will transfer to credits at Clarke University. Accordingly, a human anatomy class is offered for pre-med students. A Scottish Enlightenment course is also offered for students in the program. This interdisciplinary course aims at educating students about the Scottish Enlightenment and its influence into the 21st century.

The University of Glasgow was founded in 1451, making it the fourth oldest university in the United Kingdom. Today, Glasgow hosts students from over 100 different countries and offers competitive experiences for students. Glasgow continually ranks within the United Kingdom’s top ten in teaching quality and is rated among the best medical and veterinary schools in the area. With about 15,000 undergraduate students, Glasgow has a solid reputation of academic excellence and historical significance.

Glasgow itself is a metropolitan center of culture and excellence. Cozy cafes, live music venues, museums, parks, world-wide cuisine and outdoor activities are just a few of the attractions that this city has to offer.

Additional Information

Financial aid from Clarke can be applied to tuition and academic fees for one semester of study abroad.

Contact Terry Kruse or Evelyn Nadeau for details regarding this program.

Terry Kruse
Study Abroad Co-Coordinator

Evelyn Nadeau, Ph.D.
Study Abroad Co-Coordinator

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