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Madison Olbrich Garden alumni event, July 14, 2010

Alumni and friends from near and far gathered together for a tour of Olbrich Gardens in Madison, Wisconsin. Steve’s Ace Home & Garden Manager and Landscape Designer Sara Selchert Carpenter ’10 and Lynsey Christensen ’12, president of Clarke's CLEAN (Clarke leading environmental action now) sustainability group, gave a tour of plants at the gardens and green initiatives at Clarke. Following was an appetizer reception and updates from Clarke President Sr. Joanne Burrows. 

Alumni hosts for this event were Aaron Wilbers ’97, wife Elisabeth Norton and Kathy Warren Hoffmann ’88. Clarke staff also in attendance included President Emerita, Sr. Catherine Dunn, Director of Alumni Relations Katie Bahl, and Admissions Counselor Nate Lech. 

Madison Event Photo 12

The Clarke alumni group at the Thai Pagoda

Madison Event Photo 1

Sara Selchert Carpenter ’10 and Lynsey Christensen ’12 go through the route for the tour one last time. 

Madison Event Photo 2

Sara, Karen Artus ’83 and Rose Kraemer Gorrell ’84 enjoy the afternoon shade in the plant-filled space.

Madison Event Photo 3

Heidi Wagner ‘99, Carolyn Bell ‘99, Kathy Warren Hoffmann ‘88, Elisa Welch ’00 and Elisabeth Norton catch up.

Madison Event Photo 4

The tour begins with the Sunken Garden.

Madison Event Photo 5

Madison Event Photo 7

Elisabeth, Aaron Wilbers ‘97, Sara, Carolyn and Nate Lech ‘07.

Madison Event Photo 8

Learning about the water features found at Olbrich.

Madison Event Photo 9

Kate St. Clair, Brenda Jessen ‘87 and President Sr. Joanne Burrows

Madison Event Photo 11

Approaching the gardens most renown feature - the Thai Pagoda

Madison Event Photo 13

Madison Event Photo 14

Kyle Webber ‘08, Megan Manternach ‘08, Tania Ibarra ‘06, Kayla and Nate

Madison Event Photo 15

Heidi, Carolyn, Elisa, Elisabeth and Aaron

Madison Event Photo 16

Kathy, Brenda, Kate

Madison Event Photo 17

Sr. Catherine, Sr. Joanne Burrows, Lynsey, Sara, Karen and Rose

Madison Event Photo 18

Sr. Joanne updates the Madison group on developments at Clarke

Madison Event Photo 19

Madison Event Photo 20

Tania and Katie

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