Audiovisual Services Office


Equipment Available

All classrooms are equipped with a computer, digital projector and speakers. The following classrooms have a VHS/DVD playback unit and ceiling-mounted speakers:

109 CBH
116A CBH
116B CBH
130 CBH
131 CBH
134 CBH
135A CBH
135B CBH
205A CBH
205B CBH
100 KCC
102 ATR
Margaret Mann, BVM Academic Resource Center (VHS only)
Athletic Training Room

The following rooms have a mobile TV cart with a VHS/DVD playback unit:

202 CBH
203 CBH (DVD only)
209 CBH
229 CBH
307 CBH
333 CBH
Mary Josita Hall Conference Room 3
Allendorf Classroom

Additional A/V equipment (including TV cart with VHS/DVD playback unit, computer/projector cart, and video cameras) can be found in the copy room behind the Alumnae Lecture Hall. For access, contact your department chair.

For all other equipment inquiries, contact Danielle Stowell by email at or by phone at (563)588-6301.

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