Financial Aid


International Merit Scholarships

Overall Requirements

All awards are only available to first-time, full-time undergraduate students enrolled in a day-time program.

An ACT or SAT score is required to be considered for the Presidential Scholarship and Achievement Award.


Presidential Scholarship, Trustee Award, or Achievement Award Students are considered for either a Presidential Scholarship, Trustee Award or Achievement Award upon completion of their admissions file. Award amounts range from $2,000 to $10,000 and are determined based on cumulative high school GPA and ACT score. Campus Impact Grant Students who show the potential to impact vibrancy and contribute to campus life are awarded the Campus Impact Grant in the amount of $5,000. Students must live on campus to receive this award.


Students who intend to major in art, graphic design, music, drama, or musical theatre are eligible to receive a Fine Art Talent Award upon audition and/or portfolio review by the academic department of their interest. Eligible candidates must gain acceptance to Clarke, and complete their audition and/or portfolio review by February 15, 2015 for priority consideration.Students must be full-time undergraduates in the daytime academic program.For more information about the Fine Art Talent Award process, please visit


Athletic Talent Awards may be awarded to undergraduate students who demonstrate outstanding athletic ability and academic success. Criteria include academic record, recommendations, achievements, and other evidence of ability to contribute to and benefit from the educational experience at Clarke. Talent scholarships are available in the following men’s and women’s sports: basketball, bowling, soccer, golf, lacrosse, track & field, cross country, volleyball, and in baseball and softball.  Please contact the head coach of the desired sport about these awards.

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