Make music without the major!

At some schools, getting into the university’s premier vocal and instrumental ensembles means you must be a music major. Not at Clarke University!

The Clarke University Music Department offers numerous opportunities for involvement regardless of your major. All of our ensembles are a blend of music majors and students in other majors who want to continue their love of performing. And, because participation in ensembles is considered a course, you can earn credit toward graduating while participating.

Auditions, which are required for the choirs, usually take place during the first week of classes. For more information about ensembles, please contact each director as noted.


Clarke University features two vocal ensembles – the Clarke Collegiate Singers and the Clarke Cantabile Singers.

The Clarke Collegiate Singers perform works for mixed chorus ranging from Broadway and jazz to multicultural and classical music. This ensemble has toured nationally and internationally, including Japan, Puerto Rico, the Czech Republic, Russia, India and Ireland. Audition required. Jeremy Mims, director.

The Clarke Cantabile Singers is a women’s chorus that performs works from a wide variety of genres. Audition required. Jeremy Mims, director.


The Wind Ensemble performs in several venues throughout the academic year including graduation. David Resnick, director.

The Jazz Ensemble plays both traditional and modern jazz, including student works. They regularly perform throughout the region and host the annual Clarke University Jazz Festival featuring an internationally renowned guest artist. David Resnick, director.

The Woodwind Ensemble performs works ranging in style from jazz to classical and contemporary in a variety of venues throughout the region. David Resnick, director.

The Brass Ensemble welcomes all brass instruments to perform with them at the Christmas concert and the Advanced Chamber Ensemble concert. Amy Dunker, director.

Clarke’s String Players can audition for the Dubuque Youth Symphony, an ensemble for high school and college students under age 21. Students showing exceptional talent may audition for the Dubuque Symphony Orchestra.

Those interested in the use of Clarke owned instruments should contact the music department for details.

Clarke University offers individual lessons to students in all majors. Lessons are available for voice, percussion, piano, trumpet, French horn, trombone, flute, clarinet, saxophone, oboe, bassoon and select string instruments.

Interested in learning more about how you can participate in music opportunities for non-music majors while at Clarke? Contact one of the following individuals.

Amy Dunker, Chair and Associate Professor of Music

Jeremy Mims, Assistant Professor of Music

David Resnick, Instructor of Music

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