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Rose O'Toole Staff Service Recognition Award

The Rose O'Toole Staff Recognition Award is given annually to acknowledge outstanding achievements that have impact on institutional success and contribute significantly to the mission of Clarke University.

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This year's Clarke University Rose O'Toole Staff Recognition Award was presented to:

 Rose O'Toole Staff_Curt Long    
Curt Long
Director of Athletics
for his outstanding achievements during the past year in support of the university's mission.

Curt Long integrates the Clarke University mission and values as well as the NAIA Core values into his daily work with students, faculty, staff and external constituents. As the Director of Athletics, Curt leads by example and he consistently demonstrates that he values each member of his team and acknowledges that it takes everyone's effort to achieve success. Curt has worked hard to grow and develop an infrastructure to coordinate the many and varied functions of the diverse athletic department. Curt is well respected by the coaches and athletic staff and students and the faculty and staff who interacts with him on a regular basis. Curt encourages collaboration, communication and cooperation within the athletic department and from his staff to the campus.

Curt treats everyone with respect and is a good listener. He has the heart of an educator and does not seek recognition for himself. He has more direct reports than any other administrator on campus and finds time to be a mentor and resource for those who need him. Curt attends almost every home and some away competitions for all our athletic teams.  This is after putting in a full day or week in the office. He consistently goes above and beyond in all he does.

Recently, Curt has been the leader in organizing the research and presentation for Clarke's application to three athletic conferences. The number of behind the scenes hours that he gave to this effort is amazing. He also served on the Football Committee and prepared the research for starting Lacrosse. Curt exhibits the highest degree of honesty and integrity. Clarke University is very fortunate to have Curt Long as the Director of Athletics He puts Clarke University first in his work.          

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