Rose O'Toole Staff Service Recognition Award

The Rose O'Toole Staff Recognition Award is given annually to acknowledge outstanding achievements that have impact on institutional success and contribute significantly to the mission of Clarke University.

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This year's Clarke University Rose O'Toole Staff Recognition Award was presented to:

Sue Leibold Sue Leibold
Director of the Library
for her outstanding achievements during the past year in support of the university's mission.

Sue has continuously and tirelessly worked to increase access and expand the resources that are available to students, faculty and staff. Just as important, she has worked hard to create a space that is welcoming and comfortable for individuals to come and go, study, collaborate and learn. 

Previous Recipients
Andy Schroeder, 2013
Vivian Bannon, 2012
Sheila Sullivan, 2011
Laura Wolter, 2010
Beth Triplett, 2009
Bobbi Potter-Kratz, 2008

  • CU Impact Week
  • Clarke Academy Summer Camps and Academies
  • Commencement 2015