2010-11 Year in Review

The newly revised 2010-2011 Clarke University Donor Honor Roll is now available for viewing. Thank you to everyone who submitted feedback in last winter’s survey regarding the print and online versions of the Donor Honor Roll.  Your thoughts and comments helped shape the direction this year — encouraging us to reduce print costs and paper use through a shorter print version available in the fall 2011 Clarke Magazine.

While the shortened version recognizes leadership gifts of $1,000 or more, our online version recognizes all donors. You may also notice two of our giving societies have been renamed and three more giving societies have been introduced this year to better demonstrate our appreciation for all you have done for the institution.

Every attempt has been made to provide you with accurate and comprehensive information; however, if you find an omission or mistake, please let us know so we may promptly correct them. Our office can be reached at (888) 225-2753.

Thank you.

From many supporters
comes one mission.

Clarke is blessed to have support from countless sources. Here is a by-the-numbers look at gifts from this fiscal year.

Foundation Giving
$232,850 was raised from
18 foundations

Matching Gifts
$54,841 was raised from 71
individuals through 38 matching gift companies

Endowed Scholarships and Awards
$195,876 was raised towards endowed scholarships and awards

Parents Giving
$182,274 was raised from
parents of alumni and students

Faculty/Staff Giving
$70,807 was raised from
faculty, faculty emeriti, and staff

Alumni Giving
18.1 percent of active alumni
participate in a giving
program. $1,886,261 was raised
from alumni households

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  • Golf Classic 2015
  • Commencement 2015