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Notifications and Administration of the Grant


  • Notifications are usually sent to the President and a Project Director. All notifications including rejections should be sent to the appropriate administrator, and the Grant Writing Office.
  • If the grant is funded, the Project Director will coordinate with the Grant Writing Office to see that all acknowledgements, thank you notes, and follow-up reports are completed. The Grant Writing Office will notify the Controller in the business and finance office to set up an account number to be used for the project. 
  • If a proposal is not funded, the Project Director should thank the funding agency for consideration and request reviewer comments if available.

Administration of the Grant

  • Some grants are paid by the donor at the time of the award. Most grants require submission of documentation (i.e. paid invoices, interim reports) before the award can be claimed.
  • All grant funds are deposited in a restricted gift account by the Institutional Advancement Office. Funds are drawn on the account when the Project Director submits invoices using the account number for the grant as supplied by the Controller. The Grant Writer will facilitate obtaining the account number and clarifying budgetary processes.
  • Some foundations and most federal agencies restrict use of the awards to the specified grant period. Grant money cannot usually be used to pay invoices dated prior to the starting date unless explicitly stated in the RFP.
  • The Project Director is responsible for administering the grant including:
    • meeting deadlines for interim and final reporting as required by the funder, 
    • managing the budget in accordance with the Business and Finance Office policies and remains accountable to his/her department and dean while doing this,
    • assuring that the project proceeds as described in the activity or for contacting the funding agency to request changes,
    • assuring that all grant required compliance activities, such as the Institutional Review Board approval and conflict of interest certification, are met.
  • A copy of all required reports must be submitted to the Grant Writing Office. The reports will be filed in the Institutional Advancement Office. (Electronic copy preferred.)  The project director should retain copies of the grant and all reports for five years after the project is completed.

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