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Personal Property Insurance: The university does not carry personal property insurance on faculty, staff and students, and is not responsible for the loss or damage of such property. Student personal property located on campus often is insured under a parent's homeowners policy.

Clarke University Student Health Insurance: All domestic students are required to have health insurance through their own insurance carrier. All international students are required to have international student health insurance through Clarke University. Click here to view health insurance information and resources.

Physical Therapy, Nursing and Social Work Student Professional Liability Insurance: Physical therapy and nursing students participating in clinicals or social work students participating in the social work practicum program will be required to pay a $55/year liability insurance fee (subject to change). The university cannot accept proof of insurance as a substitution for the fee. This fee protects the individual as well as the university only during times when the student participates in institutionally sponsored clinicals.

Last Updated: 7/14/15

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