Financial Clearance

All students must select a payment plan through MyInfo prior to class registration. Failure to complete the payment arrangement will result in suspension of the student’s meal plan and/or registration. On drop/add date (2 weeks after the start of classes) all student accounts will be reviewed. Those without a current payment arrangement plan will be sent an email from the student accounts office. The email will notify the student they must complete a payment arrangement plan within 10 working days. If the required action is not taken by the student, notification of suspension from attending classes until the required payment arrangement plan is completed will be provided to:

  • The Academic Dean
  • The Student’s Adviser
  • Vice President of Business and Finance
  • The Registrar’s Office
  • Each of the student’s instructors
  • The Student Life Office
  • The student

To register for classes the student’s account balance must be $500 or less. Students not registered for the current semester will not be allowed to move into or return to the dorms until registration is complete. If additional financial aid for the prior semester is necessary to meet the $500 maximum balance, the student will be allowed to register when the required paperwork is completed and approved by the financial aid office and the lending agency.

No grades, diplomas, teaching certificates, transcripts or recommendations will be processed for students with an outstanding student account balance. No student may participate in the graduation ceremonies with an outstanding balance.

Last Updated: 5/16/05

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