HP Tablet LabThe integration of curriculum, emphasis on higher-order thinking skills and problem-solving are at the heart of the educational process. These aims are part of the Clarke University mission statement in which we say “we encourage intellectual growth by fostering critical thinking skills and collaborative learning, utilizing the best tools available for learning and providing skills for success in the contemporary world.” In order to prepare chemistry majors to become professionals who can change with the science of chemistry as it progresses, the department provides a program with depth and breadth in the fundamental laws and theories of chemistry. Theory is applied in an integrated laboratory program that is planned so students deepen their understanding of scientific methods and the use of instrumentation in successive courses.

The chemistry program is led by a dedicated group of teachers who are Ph.D. chemists. These leaders work one-on-one with students while emphasizing the use of computers and scientific software for on-line information retrieval, modeling and data analysis across the integrated curriculum.

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) Degree in Chemistry provides a general education with a concentration in fundamental chemistry. Students interested in entry-level careers in chemistry that do not require graduate work, or those wishing to combine a strong chemistry background with other majors such as biology or pre-physical therapy, should consider the bachelor of arts degree in chemistry.

Also See: Bachelor of Science (BS) Degree in Biochemistry

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