Assessment Committee


Assessment Committee

Purpose: The Assessment Committee focuses on Student Learning. Its purpose is to provide counsel and advice to the Director of Assessment, the Academic Deans, the VP of Student Life and VP and Provost for Academic affairs by: 1) conducting a thorough review of annual assessment summary reports and processes, 2) analyzing and articulating trends revealed in student learning and engagement assessments across the institution or in major areas of the university, and 3) making recommendations for continuous improvement across the institution and aligning initiatives with strategic priorities.

The four standing sub‐committees include, but are not limited to: General Education, Major Programs, Student Life Programs, Institutional Assessments, and Assessment Website. Ad hoc committees will be convened to review other special reports and/or to address short‐term issues.

Authority and Responsibility: The function of the Assessment Committee is to provide support and direction to the Director of Assessment and the institution in its assessment of student learning efforts.

Membership: Assessment Director, three members from St. Life, one member from each of the academic divisions, Director of General Education, Director of Academic Technology, Director of Institutional Assessment, Deans and Provost.

Frequency: Ordinarily, two meetings per month. Work‐flow will dictate how meetings are divided between the full Assessment Committee and Subcommittees.

View the Assessment Committee Annual Work Flow Chart.

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