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London, Paris Becomes Clarke Classroom

London and Paris Trip

The students in Clarke’s Global Business class don’t just learn about what makes up the global economy. They get a firsthand look.

Terry McGovern, Clarke University assistant professor of accounting/business, led a group of five Clarke students on a trip to London and Paris in May as part of their Global Business course.

The students enrolled in a two-credit hour class in the spring where they studied the cultures, businesses and design aspects of the countries they were to visit. The travel portion of the class counted as one credit hour - so combined it is a three-credit hour class.

“The trip came about as the business department is focused on providing more hands-on experiences for our students,” said McGovern. “We teach courses in global business, but we want more students to go into foreign countries, interact within their economies, and experience the differences in how they do business versus just reading about it in a book.”

The students were Stephen Habel, Jessica Henrichson, Jennifer Davis, Sara Luchtenburg and Kari Schwanenkamp. They left May 18 for their tour, which included six days in London and two in Paris.

“It was good to be able to study the environment before we jumped into it,” said Schwanenkamp, a junior from Waterloo, Iowa, who is majoring in business and theater. “We were better able to understand what was going on when we got there. “

Luchtenburg, a senior from Dubuque, concurred.

“Having the in-class portion was very helpful,” she said.

In London, the group visited Trafalgar Square, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Piccadilly Circus, Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, the British Museum and the Jack the Ripper tour. In Paris, the sites included Versailles, a boat tour of the Seine, and an elevator ride to the second level of the Eiffel Tower.

"There was a lot of walking” said Luchtenburg. “I thought London was better than Paris.”

Schwanenkamp had a couple of observations.

“I really liked the London transportation system,” she said. “It’s much more efficient than in bigger U.S. cities. As a business student you have to think about transportation a lot and how it affects the daily lifestyle.

“What I liked about Paris was there were a lot of specialty stores. There were a lot more small businesses than in the U.S.”

Schwanenkamp had one word for the course – and the tour.

“Fantastic,” she said.

To view photos from the trip, please visit the photo gallery on Flickr.

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