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Reid Johannsen

Reid Johannsen

Reid has the recipe for success. It started with choosing to attend Clarke because of the small class sizes and the opportunity to stand out.

“The professors at Clarke care and really want to see me succeed in life,” says Reid. “I’ve also met tons of new people and trust me -- it doesn’t take long to make friends. Clarke is also a school that welcomes students to be themselves.”

These encouragements led Reid to create a new student organization, the Clarke Culinary Club.

“Clarke Culinary Club has allowed me to continue my passion of cooking and to share it with others,” says Reid. “I love learning and showing new cooking techniques to the club members as I prepare for culinary school after Clarke.”

Prepping for culinary school is no easy feat. It means long hours of preparing ingredients, cleaning up messes, taste testing and frequent sugar overdoses.

“It was a sight to see when my friend Jenna and I stayed up late baking cookies for the culinary club’s bake sale,” says Reid. “We were all jacked up on sugar with little sleep, but it was worth it.”

Food isn’t the only creative outlet in Reid’s life. As a member of the Clarke Drama Department, he gets to show off his acting skills on the regular.

“Dubuque has an amazing arts culture,” says Reid. “There are many creative ways to express yourself from the performing arts to music to fine art. There is plenty to do and see!”

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