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Freshmen Adjust to College Life

Clarke's freshmen have been on campus for nearly two months. We took this opportunity to talk to a couple of them about the experience and the adjustment as they adapt to the Crusader lifestyle.

Morgan HazerMorgan Hazer
Hometown: Cascade, Iowa

What have you learned about college life?
It's definitely better than high school. I've really enjoyed it so far. I feel I can be more myself here. I've made a lot of new friends.

What factored in your decision to come to Clarke?
I like the small community. It's close to home. It's not too big and it's not too small. I love the art department. That was the main factor (in coming to Clarke). Everyone is so friendly here. You can talk to anyone and it's not considered weird.

What do you like about college?
I really like art history. Bryan Zygmont is hilarious. I can't wait to take more art classes next semester.

Have you gotten involved on campus?
I've done a lot of the homecoming activities. Our floor at the dorm has gone out for ice cream. I've gone to a few of the musical things – the a capella group and the guitarist (Moacyr Teixeira Neto). I'm in the choir.

Any surprises?
It's gone by really fast.

Evan Heer
Evan HeerMajor: Biology
Hometown: Lena, Ill.

What have you learned about college life?
The professors don't seem that much different than high school. They're approachable; easy to communicate with and always willing to help. It feels like a homey environment. I don't feel out of place here.

What factored in your decision to come to Clarke?
My brother came here; he's a junior. So I came to visit. I visited some other schools, but I genuinely feel like this is a good place. And the science is really strong.

What do you like about college?
This is a fun place to be. I'm comfortable everywhere.

Have you gotten involved on campus?
I'm in the Biology club and I hope to get involved with the Clarke Activities Board. I've gone to some volleyball games. They were pretty exciting. And I hope to do some volunteer work.

Any surprises?
It's kind of what I expected. You always think college will be a lot more work (than high school). There is a lot more work, but it's not overwhelming. I'd say my classes are going well so far. I feel like I'm getting into a bit of a system.

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