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Don't Text Me Bro! Mobile App

Everyone knows it’s not safe to text while driving. In fact, it’s illegal in Iowa and 40 other states.

But what if you’re driving and receive a text. It’s tempting to want to respond – at least to tell the sender that you will get back to them as soon as it is possible.

A Clarke University class has come up with a solution. Sheila Castaneda’s Android App Development class has developed an app that will deliver an automated response.

The app can send a message to the sender that says, “I’m driving. Will get back to you soon.”

There are other responses you can set up as well for situations where you can’t immediately respond. You can tell the sender, “I am in class, will get back to you soon,” or “I am in a meeting,” or “I am at work.”

The class has done everything to develop the app from scratch.

“They planned, prioritized, revised, changed, threw away, rewrote,” said Castaneda. “They learned how to develop software.”

The members of the class are Gavin Gross, Jacob Estrella, Cameron Tiernan, Phill Breitbach and Coved Oswald.

Each student came up with a design, and then voted on which one to use.

“Everyone made their own version,” said Gross. “It was democratic. We voted on the top two.”

From there they narrowed it down to the final version.

They also discussed the name for the app. Before deciding on “Don’t Text Me Bro,” they considered “Auto Text,” among others.

There are other things the app can do. It can send read the text to you out loud and it can send off a GPS signal. Both of those options can be turned off, of course. You may not want an audio text in class, and the GPS may not be for everyone.

“For safety purposes some people might not want the GPS,” said Castaneda.

The next step for the class is to develop a QR code that will allow Clarke students, and anyone for that matter, to download the app.

“We want to make it available to students,” said Castaneda.

Android App Development is the first programming class for the students, and Castaneda said there work on this project has been impressive.

“It’s a good representation on what we here at Clarke can do,” she said.

To install the "Don't Text Me Bro" app, scan this QR Code with your android mobile device.


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