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Jonathan Shepherd

Jonathan Shepherd

When it comes to choosing a college, money matters. Luckily, Clarke’s financial aid office will work with students to make sure they know of every scholarship and opportunity available to them.

“I am very goal-oriented,” says Jonathan. “I love setting and achieving goals, but the task of finding the financial support I needed to achieve my goal of attending college seemed daunting. When I started looking for scholarships, I thought there would be so many people applying for the same scholarships and I wouldn’t stand a chance.”

He was wrong. After applying to Clarke, Jonathan learned how easy it is to get the financial assistance he needed to further his education.

Jonathan chose Clarke because of the small class sizes, friendly atmosphere and to participate in athletics.

“I was so excited when I found out I could get a talent scholarship for doing something I love,” he says. “Being a student athlete is challenging, but it keeps me on top of my game, and my classes.”

Besides the athletic talent scholarship, Jonathan was also awarded an academic achievement award. This support makes it possible for Jonathan to attend Clarke and work toward his personal goals.

Outside of the classroom and off the field, Jonathan works for Clarke University in the facilities office and the admission’s office. He is also working hard toward his next goal: getting his degree.

“Support from scholarships is helping me to achieve my academic and professional goals,” says Jonathan. “After graduation, I want to find a career as a counselor so I can help others achieve their personal goals.”

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