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    Francis J. O'Connor Winners

    Recipient History

    Since 1935 the Francis J. O’Connor Memorial Award has been recognized as the most prestigious honor bestowed upon a graduating senior. Originally, the Honorable Frank A. O’Connor established the Mary Agnes O’Connor Award in memory of his wife. In 1991, Clarke University, in cooperation with the O’Connor family, renamed the award the Francis J. O’Connor Memorial Award to honor the late Francis J. O’Connor, a long-time Clarke trustee. The award recipient is exceptional in such traits as cooperation, generosity, kindness, leadership and academic achievement. The honor is awarded by vote of the senior class, faculty, and staff.  The recipient and those receiving honorable mention are announced at the spring Honors Banquet, with award presentation at Clarke University’s commencement exercises. The award carries with it a stipend.

    1935 Dorothy Gerber Sanders
    1936 Ruth Connolly
    1937 Mary Agnes Newman
    1938 Betty Flynn Goder
    1939 Dorothy Muldoon
    1940 Mary Hill Mullaney Richtsmeier
    1941 Josephine Corpstein Hanson
    1942 Julia Bowman
    1943 Gertrude Kirby Jennings
    1944 Genevieve Kopp
    1945 Emily O’Connor
    1946 Joan Biechler Schneider
    1947 Mary Lutgen Lichty
    1948 Mary  Susan Rink, BVM
    1949 Myrna Johnson Quinn
    1950 Peggy Sullivan
    1951 Terese Aid McCabe
    1952 Rosemary Flynn Gronstal-Faulkner
    1953 Dorothy Culhane Clarke
    1954 Carolyn Damman Gruber
    1955 Patricia Spaight Kaliban
    1956 Sara McAlpin, BVM
    1957 Patricia Conway Parks
    1958 Mary Catherine Blake Stock
    1959 Jeanne Miclot Klein
    1960 Mary Brigid Powers Geroux
    1961 Patti Pederson Donlon
    1962 Marcia Cox Derricotte
    1963 Anne Leute Wilson and Margaret Voigt Johnson-Wiessner
    1964 Eugenia Chambers Stoner
    1965 Mary Anne Miles Vydra
    1966 Mary Meg Chambers Gottschalk
    1967 Mary Anne Broeman Brown
    1968 Rosalie Buda-Claussen
    1969 Kathleen O’Connor
    1970 Mary McTigue
    1971 Donna Figel Neill
    1972 Catherine Schultz Coll
    1973 Dawn Courtney McCormick
    1974 Ann Lynch Burke
    1975 Linda Sullivan
    1976 Mary Beth Dainko Bouska
    1977 Ann Sweeney
    1978 Irene Manning Rooney
    1979 Mary Catherine Casey
    1980 Ruth Dunblazier Ferris
    1981 Anne Whitehead Crawford
    1982 Brigit Barnes
    1983 Carol Schmidt Trueg
    1984 Hal Hayek
    1985 Mary McCarthy Cadle
    1986 Joan Havlovic Bradley
    1987 Lisa Hawks
    1988 Monica Ryan-Rausch
    1989 Judy Kolker
    1990 Christen Sadowski
    1991 Aliston Thomas
    1992 Deanna Angst-Hyland
    1993 Antoine Jones
    1994 Joel Moore
    1995 Julie Moode Hill
    1996 Jonathan Lang
    1997 Nicole Ames Hall
    1998 Michele McGreevy Weimer
    1999 Carolyn Bell
    2000 Michael Cyze
    2001 Catherine Noury Silvia
    2002 Lee Zandstra
    2003 Tiffaney Kreamer Wegand
    2004 Daniel Abben
    2005 Lisa Oberbroeckling
    2006 Melissa Cullum
    2007 Kayla Demmer
    2008 Elizabeth Siegel Bushman
    2009 Elizabeth Kustusch
    2010 Colleen Dansart
    2011 Alexander Kelsheimer & Brittany Collier
    2012 Molly Fitzgibbons
    2013 Lucas Flynn
    2014 Brittany Gosse 
    Adam O'Dell
    2016 Allison Smith


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