2013 Recipient of the Meneve Dunham Award for Excellence in Teaching

Associate Professor of Chemistry Andy Bixler

The Clarke University Board of Trustees established the Meneve Dunham Award for Excellence in Teaching in honor of former President Meneve Dunham. A review committee of faculty and students recommends the selected recipient to the president.

One student wrote about Andy:

One student wrote about Andy: "In her courses, she lectures efficiently and compassionately, ensuring that all students have a firm understanding of the material before introducing new coursework. She is innovative and creative, often imploring new strategies to promote maximal student comprehension. Her professional character and inviting personality encourage students to achieve excellence both inside and outside of the classroom."

A colleague wrote:

"She is the faculty member who is always willing to try something new. She will attend a conference or read an article on how to improve student learning and then she will try it – not just 'think about' trying it. She is continuously trying to improve her classes."

She has also embraced service-learning for many years. She was engaging her students in service learning activities before most of us on campus had ever heard of the term.

Many of our biology majors plan to seek careers in the health field or graduate school where the focus is cellular or molecular. Because of this heaviness towards the human body, she has been teaching a couple of human anatomy and physiology labs. She works hard to make sure she is on top of the material.

She continuously impresses me with her search for new and innovative techniques in and out of the classroom."

Bixler holds a bachelor's degree from Swarthmore College and a Ph.D. from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville.

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