Justice and Peace Studies Minor

Recognizing the need for Catholic commitment and social responsibility and aware that contemporary moral problems have global implications, Clarke University offers a minor in justice and peace studies. The program of study draws upon the strengths of various disciplines and emphasizes an understanding of recent history, contemporary social/political problems and ethical values. Students obtain the minor by completing 21 semester hours according to the distribution listed below. Course descriptions can be found under the appropriate departmental heading.

For a Minor in Justice and Peace Studies, a student completes 21 hours including:

  • 9 hours of history/political science courses, with at least six hours in history, chosen from the following:
    • HIST 102 Western Civilization II
    • HIST 205 Modern Asia
    • HIST 206 Modern Latin America
    • HIST/POLI 210 Modern World Politics
    • HIST 314 Modern Europe Since 1848
    • HIST 369 U.S. 1900 to the Present
    • POLI 120 American National Government
    • POLI 300 World Issues
    • POLI/HIST 346 United States Foreign Policy
  • 9 hours of religious studies/philosophy courses, chosen from the following:
    • PHIL 212 General Ethics
    • PHIL 245 Philosophy of Peace and War
    • PHIL 270 Philosophy of Woman
    • RELS 216 Contemporary Catholic Faith
    • RELS 218 Ethics for Christian Living
    • RELS 222 Multicultural Faces of Jesus
  • 3 hours of sociology courses, chosen from the following:
    • SOC 201 Social Issues
    • SOC 202 Race and Ethnicity

Periodically, the disciplines involved in this minor offer topics courses relevant to justice and peace studies. A student may elect to use such courses as partial fulfillment of the minor upon the approval of the program chair and academic dean.

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