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Charity and Justice

Charity and justice are two of the core values of Clarke University; they grow directly out of the Catholic, BVM tradition which shapes the culture of the institution. Thus, they shape much of the work of Clarke Campus Ministry. While charity and justice are distinct, they cannot be separated. Charity is expressed through actions of love of neighbor. Justice is expressed in awareness and action which promotes the common good and creates social systems which honor the dignity of each person. Both imperatives come from Catholic Social Teaching.

Clarke Campus Ministry is committed to promoting charity and justice. Charity is expressed through community service, especially Into the Streets, mission trips, and many other programs. Justice is expressed through raising awareness about social justice issues impacting our community and the world. Many of these programs qualify as diversity studies experiences. All members of the Clarke community are invited to join in these efforts to bring about a world in which each person is given full dignity and the common good is shared for all. Social justice events are coordinated by Radie Roberts, Assistant Director, and a student leader. They are included on the Clarke Events Calendar.

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