Art and Design


The Arts Community at Clarke

Art students find a home in Eliza Kelly Hall both in and out of classes. You will see art students working in studios, studying and socializing with peers in all areas of the department at all hours of the day. Upper-class art majors love to tell stories about faculty, give clues on assignments to new students, help plan art excursions around town, and more. Additionally, art students often perform in theater productions, assist with stage design, join and travel with the Clarke Collegiate Singers. You can participate from day one, a clear advantage of attending a small University with strong arts trip graphic

Art faculty are an integral part of the social web. Students call faculty by their first name and faculty welcome students into their homes. Established relationships remain in place long after graduation and often lead to job opportunities and exhibits.

In the fall of each year, the art department hosts a welcome new student picnic, organizes a bus trip to Chicago, hosts a raku firing and picnic at the Schlesier farm, holds a student/alumni art sale and more. Monthly Quigley Gallery art openings provide an easy way to meet new people and discuss the latest art trends. These events and relationships offer opportunities to set you on a course of success for a life in the arts.

Art students are respected leaders in the wider Clarke community. They hold highly visible positions in student government, residence life, campus ministry and often join service trips.

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