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Finding a Sense of Well-being in College

One predictable aspect of life is change. The college years are often a time of transition and adjustment to all kinds of changes. Many students are away from home, meeting new people, and getting used to different social dynamics. New demands in time can challenge even the most organized students. Homesickness can be very upsetting for new students, while sadness over leaving friends and uncertainties about future plans can plague upper class students. Increased responsibilities and balancing new choices can create anxiety and confusion. It is important to remember that all of these things are a normal part of change and growth. Intermittently struggling through these issues, as well as making peace with old issues, is a very normal and healthy part of growing as a person.

Clarke University Student Life personnel are here to offer support to all students during this time of new experiences and growth. Counseling Services, specifically, can help the students better understand their own patterns of interacting with others and time management styles in an effort to help them maximize their own resources. People with stronger support networks and effective time-management approaches report a greater sense of well-being. People who learn to handle stress, sadness, and anxiety more effectively are happier and more productive individuals. Having a positive self-image and good self-esteem in one's reserves can greatly assist the student's decision-making process and enhance his/her sense of comfort. Uncovering the obstacles to self-esteem can prove beneficial for anyone. Addressing these kinds of concerns earlier in the school year can help most students to have a more satisfying college experience. Seeking help when concerns have become overwhelming is a sign of strength and integrity, rather than an admission of failure.

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