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Walk the Talk

Support the "Walk the Talk" Anti-Racism Campaign at Clarke University by reading and "signing" this on-line pledge form.  Your submitted pledge and comments will be sent to the Clarke University Student Life Office where your support will be shared with the Clarke community.

For more information, contact the student life office at (563)588-6313

Commitment Against Racism

Whereas, I believe that racism is wrong, I commit myself to combat hatred, intolerance, and discrimination based on race.

I, hereby, pledge to EDUCATE myself about racism and my role in its continued presence in my community.

I pledge to CELEBRATE diversity in my community by taking advantage of opportunities to experience other cultures.

I pledge to RISK the loss of status or "face" which may be incurred for my taking a positive stand against racist attitudes and behaviors.

I pledge to SERVE my community by eliminating marginality in all its forms within my sphere of influence.

This pledge to educate, to celebrate, to risk, and to serve is my response to racism and the effects which it has on my life and those in my community. My actions from this moment will reflect my commitment against racism. This statement is my pledge to WALK THE TALK.

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The slogan "WALK the TALK" is attributed to the UMR-ACUHO Diversity Committee. The "Commitment Against Racism" was written by Cammie Dean, former director of multicultural student services at Clarke University.

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