Residence Life


Parent's Guide

Living in campus residence halls is an important part of student development for traditional-age students at Clarke University. This living situation provides potential for developing new friendships, ideas, and experiences.

In order to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for students to live in, your son or daughter agrees to abide by certain expectations which are crucial to developing an atmosphere conducive to learning. Information on general and specific policies is listed in the Clarke University Student Handbook.

Your son or daughter also accepts a certain degree of responsibility for his or her resident community. Clarke encourages students to voice their opinions while working with staff and other residents to establish community standards for living together. We also ask that they assist the residence life staff in holding residents accountable to those norms and standards.

The residence halls are staffed with professional assistant directors and student resident assistants (RAs). RAs are student leaders with extensive knowledge of the resources available on campus. They have been trained to work with their peers in the residence halls and are responsible for facilitating a community atmosphere, ensuring that hall rules and regulations are upheld, and encouraging residents to take responsibility for their actions. RAs also act as a referral for students to other campus resources.

Questions Often Asked By Parents

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