Clarke Art Professor Paints Cover Image for Sundance Film Festival Selection

posted on February 24, 2005

A painting by Clarke College Instructor of Art Thomas Metcalf was recently featured as the cover image for the Sundance Film Festival selection “Who Killed Cock Robin.”

Travis Wilkerson, who wrote and directed the film, purchased a few of Metcalf’s paintings in Chicago and commissioned him to produce the painting for the film. Metcalf spent a week on the film set in Butte, Montana last year and attended this year’s Sundance festival.

Metcalf, originally from Lewiston, Idaho, was inspired by the film’s concept and time spent observing the landscape of Butte, Montana. While spending five days on set, he became deeply moved by the sparseness and psychological weight left by miners who had perished in the town during the reign of the Anaconda Copper Mining Company. With these images Metcalf spent the next six months incorporating his thoughts into ideas. Working out of his office, the painting took 50-60 hours to complete. For Metcalf, the painting evokes a sense of peace of mind and quietness. “I want people to form their own interpretation of the painting,” he said. Metcalf holds a bachelor of fine arts degree from Cornish College of Arts in Seattle and shares his knowledge with the Clarke community.

The story of “Who Killed Cock Robin” lies in the intersecting lives of three men living in Butte, Montana. Barret Murphy, like the town, has had a rough go of it. He keeps his job and hangs on with the help of his two friends: Charlie, his landlord and makeshift father figure, and his best friend Dylan, raised with privilege and someone who understands Barret politically if not emotionally. Their temporal, happy existence is tested however, when Barret has a run-in with the law.

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