Clarke's TimeSaver Psychology Program is designed to provide students with the foundations required for a professional career in psychology. The field of psychology involves the analysis, evaluation, prediction, and change of human behavior. By providing a context for exploring oneself, others and our place in the world, psychology creates an understanding of the human experience as a lifelong journey.

Research projects and senior performance, coupled with the curriculum, provide a solid background in psychological theories, research and application. This program offers students the opportunity to implement knowledge in a wide range of settings, with different populations, to meet numerous needs—from administering personality tests, facilitating communication skills, or improving performance in business; to modifying the behavior of an emotionally disturbed person, working with victims of domestic abuse, or enhancing the health and wellness of individuals. For those students that qualify, an internship experience is available that is personally tailored to the student's special area of interest.


A psychology major offers a variety of career possibilities including the areas of counseling and psychotherapy, marketing and advertising, education, transpersonal psychology (involving spiritual, pastoral, and faith counseling), human resource and business management, motivational psychology, social work, sports psychology, public relations, industrial/organizational psychology, child development, and health psychology. Many career opportunities in the field of psychology require additional study. The TimeSaver Psychology Major provides the foundation necessary for those who wish to pursue graduate study.

Core Requirements

For a bachelor of arts (BA) degree in psychology, a student completes 33 semester hours of psychology courses, with courses required in each of the following groups:

CORE Courses (all are required)

PSYC 111 Introductory Psychology
MATH 220 Statistics (major support course)
PSYC 320 Social Science Research Methods
PSYC 499 Capstone Psychology Research

Group A - Development/Biological (1 course required)

PSYC 121 Child & Adolescent Development
PSYC 122 Adult Development
PSYC 233 Living with Loss
PSYC 261 Psychology of Sex and Gender
BIOL  445 Neuroscience

Group B - Cognitive/Personality/Social (1 course required)

PSYC 221 Abnormal Psychology
PSYC 224 Social Psychology
PSYC 281 Motivation
PSYC 381 Personality
PSYC 471 Cognitive Psychology

Group C - Applied (1 course required)

PSYC 231 Behavior Modification
PSYC 305 Marriage and the Family
PSYC 330 Theories of Counseling & Psychotherapy
PSYC 350 Helping Skills

Additional credit hours are elective and may consist of any approved psychology courses.

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