Religious Studies

Religious StudiesClarke's TimeSaver Religious Studies Program offers adults a unique opportunity to enrich their personal lives as well as to serve significant ministerial needs in today's church and world. With its emphasis on integrating spiritual-theological study and life experience, a major in religious studies:

  • Prepares adults for ministry in Christian churches and in Catholic schools which are increasingly dependent on the gifts of the laity for their integrity and viability;
  • Complements majors or minors in psychology, business, education, communication and the health professions by grounding individuals in spiritual values, thus empowering them for compassionate, sensitive and ethical personal and professional experience;
  • Assists adults in appropriating their own faith life, thereby gifting them as parents and teachers with the ability and confidence to hand down a living religious tradition to children and youth;
  • Provides a holistic and faith-inspired vision for living all of life's experiences, questions and challenges with a sense of meaning, hopefulness, commitment and love.

Significant financial assistance from the Archdiocese of Dubuque is available to students committed to religious education or pastoral work in the diocese. Contact the department chair for more information.

Click here to view Religious Studies Major (36 hours) and Minor (21 hours) Core Program Requirements

Click here to view the Spirituality and Leadership Track (15 credits)

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