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Contact the Clarke University Grant Writing Office by completing the Grant Help Request Form. The Grant Writer can help identify potential funding sources that do not conflict with other grants in progress or planned. Faculty and staff may make an appointment to discuss the project, budget and potential funding sources as needed.

The Grant Writing Office will assist in researching and identify potential sources of funding, request guidelines and annual reports from potential funding sources. You can also search one of the following:

  • Clarke has access to use of the Foundation Center Data Base subscription at the Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque. Appointments need to be scheduled. Contact Mary Lou Caffery at one of the grant writers for further details.
  • Search for federal support. The Catalog for Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) is also a searchable compedium of federal programs that can be search by agency. It is a useful to have the CFDA number before going.
  • A hard copy of the Iowa Foundation Data Book is available to borrow in the Grant Writing Office. The Grant Writer has an electronic version on their workstation.
  • The Iowa Grants Guide (IGG) can be searched by funder name, subject or geographic location. In additional to directory information about Iowa-based foundations, it also has links to a “Find Funding Toolkit” and other useful tools.
  • If you are looking for equipment, several corporations have links on their web sites to grantors who have funded purchase of their products or services. E.g. CDWG sponsored for technology.
  • If you know the name and state in which a specific foundation is incorporated or a foundation EIN number, the Foundation Center 990Finder is a useful way to determine the kinds and size of grants funded using the federal tax 990 forms.
  • The Grant Writer will notify appropriate departmental chairs and staff of grant funding opportunities and deadline dates if the grant opportunity is determined to match the University's priorities.

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