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Information for International Students

Got questions? We have the answers! First, try our International Student Guide for answers to the most frequently asked questions about international study.

Are you planning to travel outside the United States during the next break? Make sure that your papers and documents are in order before you leave. Click here for more information.

Thinking of working off-campus? There are several choices for international students who are interested in working in the local community. Curricular Practical Training is perfect for internships that allow you to get academic credit and apply to your major field of study. Severe Economic Hardship is an opportunity for students with major financial difficulties, when on-campus employment cannot meet your needs. And,  Optional Practical Training  allows you to work for up to one year after you graduate.

Looking for forms to help you maintain your F-1 visa status? Each of these forms should be printed and completed, then submitted to the student life office. The Academic Advisor’s Request to Extend Program of Study is used to change your I-20 program end date; if you are not graduating by the program end date on your I-20, then you must apply to extend your program before that date. Use the Request for Less than Full-time Enrollment Form when you have a medical or academic reason to drop below the required number of credits to be considered full-time. If you plan to transfer to another college, you are required to notify a Designated School Official in the student life office before enrolling in the new program; use this Transfer-Out Form to provide us with the needed information.

Contact the student life office for more information.

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