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From Paris, with love.

The world is getting smaller. Ivonne Simonds, Clarke graphic design and painting major, can speaStamp 2k of it first-hand.

A native Columbian, Ivonne had family move to Iowa, which led her to Clarke. Clarke led her to a 5-month internship learning French in downtown Paris.

“I lived only a few blocks from Notre Dame,” she said. “I went for a walk after moving in and turned the corner to see it right there. I was like ‘whoa.’”

Ivonne learned the nuances of the French language with a wide array of people, from young to old and every continent. She said it was an interesting way of learning and sharing artistic knowledge. There was rarely a shortage of artistic knowledge, however – Ivonne enrolled in painting classes and made a point to visit a different museum each week.

When Ivonne wasn’t busy taking in the sights (and the pastries), she met up with Euro-tripping Clarke students for a Dubuque reunion. Because even a home-away-from-home is still a home.

Ivonne Simmons

Ivonne Simmons

MAJOR: Graphic Design, Painting

HOMETOWN: Popayán, Colombia

FAVORITE PARISIAN SWEET TREAT: Pane au chocolat (a flaky pastry with chocolate)


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