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Aquatic Aficionado

What was life like before Clarke?
I came to Clarke from the University of Minnesota, where I was finishing up grad school and working as an Ombudsman.

Why Clarke?
One reason I became interested in Clarke was the rich history and the heritage of Clarke and the BVMs. I did a lot of research on the BVMs, their traditions and their philosophies. I felt that I could definitely fit in and work at a place like Clarke. Also, I am a Midwesterner at heart and Dubuque would be the farthest south I've ever lived.

What makes Clarke different?
I love how friendly and close the community is at Clarke. Everyone is on a first name basis - students, staff and faculty.  As soon as you walk onto campus, you feel welcomed and supported.  

How will you impact Clarke?
As an advisor to a couple of student groups, I want to ensure that students are finding ways to engage in not only the campus community, but also the Dubuque community.

What hobbies do you have outside of work?
I really like fish and the water. Most of my undergraduate experience was spent centered around those things. I went to college on the beach at the University of New England for a degree in Aquaculture & Aquarium Science. I spent a summer interning at the New England Aquarium, caring for anacondas, piranhas, electric eels and sting rays. I took a class on Reef ecology and traveled to Tobago to participate in studies on the health and sustainability efforts of coral reefs. It was awesome!


 Douglas Haltinner

Douglas Haltinner
Assistant Director of Residence Life

HOMETOWN: Appleton, WI  

STRANGE FACT(S): My license plate is SKOO B DU (Scooby Doo), I have an R2D2 fish tank, I used to live part time in Sydney, Australia during high school, I’ve been a drummer for two different bands.

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  • Transfer Fall 2015