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Austin, the Austrian Adventurer

Why Clarke?
My attention was first drawn by the soccer program, so I decided to visit. Once I visited, the close-knit community and friendliness of everyone on campus set Clarke apart from all the rest.

What sets Clarke apart?
Everyone here is more than just a number. Whether it's a faculty member or a fellow student, it is good to know that everyone around you is interested in you as a person.

What made you interested in studying overseas?
I've been overseas several times before and traveling has always been an interest of mine. Coming to Clarke, I knew that at some point I would like to study abroad to experience more of the world.

How (why) did you decide on Austria?
Having a German mother, I had a decent background in the German language, but never had the chance to actually take courses in it. The opportunity to do so was extremely exciting - and to add to it, I was in Vienna, Austria, which is one of the cultural hubs of the world.

What was your most favorite thing you did while overseas?
Studying the German language was a lot of fun, and the numerous opportunities to travel and experience so many different European cultures and countries that most people only dream about was obviously a once in a lifetime experience.

Austin Myers

Austin Myers

YEAR: Junior

MAJOR: Finance and History

Waterloo, Iowa

FUN FACT:  I have been to Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, England, Ireland, Sweden, and Czech Republic. I also sometimes speak in my sleep, either in English, German, or Gibberish.

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