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Your Host to Dubuque!

Why do you participate in athletics?
I participate in athletics for a very different reason than most students. Yes, I am an amazing athlete and a lightning-fast runner, but the real reason I joined the team is because of the team itself. I am very far away from my family, so the track team has become my family away from home. 

How do you welcome new teammates?
Before they even start at Clarke, I like to go to their high school track events to cheer them on. I get to meet their family too. When they move onto campus, I like to make my new teammates feel welcome by cooking them my favorite comfort foods. I get the team together and cook a tasty West Coast dish like Kalua Pork and hang out. I also like to show them around Dubuque if they are new to the area.

What is your favorite activity?
I’m an athlete, so I like to support other Clarke teams. I round up a crew and when we go to games, we show no mercy for the rival teams. GO C-U!

What sets Clarke apart?
I always describe the quality of Clarke. Larger schools might have more stuff, but Clarke has higher quality stuff on a smaller scale. Everything from academics to the food—it's all good!  Oh, and fellas—there is a significantly high girl-to-guy ratio. Haha!

Jordan Rey Mendoza

Jordan Rey Mendoza

YEAR: Senior

MAJOR: Business Administration Management

Honolulu, Hawaii

FUN FACT:  When I started at Clarke, I wasn't sure how to pronounce "Dubuque." Now, I take new students and show them around town! It's just the right size—plenty of places to shop, but not too big to get lost.

  • Support Clarke - Spring
  • Arts at Clarke 2016
  • Transfer Fall 2015