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King of the Court

Why Clarke?
My high school didn't offer men's volleyball, so I looked for a college where I could play my favorite sport. Clarke had exactly what I was looking for; a ranked men's volleyball team and a renowned physical therapy program. Perfect!

How did you get started playing volleyball?
As a kid, I won a volleyball as a prize, so I just started playing around. I happened to be good at it and I started practicing with the girls' team. I quit football and started taking stats for the volleyball team. The coach gave me advice on and off the court and he helped me look for places to play in college.

How is it playing at this level?
It was a real shock for me and it took some time to adjust to a much higher level of intensity on the courts. I was used to playing with high school girls, but I loved the new strength and camaraderie I found with the men's volleyball team.

What do you like about home games?
We always feed off the crowd. Hearing them cheer gets us pumped up for the game and sets the pace for the matches.

What is something you really like about Clarke?
Because my professors care so much about me and my success, it makes me care and want to continually do my best. I know I can get one-on-one help if I need it, too.

Who, at Clarke, has had an impact on you?
Being 10 hours from home, I look to my AT/PT professors for advice and guidance. I know that if I have a problem, academic or personal, I can trust in them.

What's it like living far from home?
It was scary at first, not knowing anyone in the whole state of Iowa, but Clarke being the small school it is, made it easy to meet people and make new friends.

Dylan Moen

Dylan Moen

YEAR: Sophomore


La Moure, ND

HOBBIES: I just picked up a guitar. I love music!


FAVORITE MOVIE: Percy Jackson and the Olympians

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